Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love Rakhi Sawant because she believes in the people

What better proof of her democratic sense of self then that she'll choose a husband on people's votes. That is the most revolutionising thought since the penta-marriage of Draupadi.

Though the genius is really the producers of the show (Rakhi ka Swayamvar), I bet they wouldn't have found a girl so self-sacrificing that she leaves this, of all decisions, up to the majority. That's something to be thought over.

I love Rakhi Sawant because she is a Tomato, and I love tomatoes

A Tomato:
  • is Juicy
  • is Red
  • Bulges at important places
  • Expands when angry [1]
  • Makes love [1]
  • Makes balls jealous [1]
  • Hates a blunt knife

Acknowledgements: Aggu

I love Rakhi Sawant because Ravi Kishan is her brother

I mean.


I love Rakhi Sawant because she will marry me

To all the losers on Rakhi ka Swayamvar :


I shall win over her with my corny puns and horny ones
I shall take her home to my mom
I shall take her home
I shall take her
And none shall stand in the way or the garden
And none shall peek and none shall speak
of my beloved and my very one
People and other people, I dare too thee
for a 1 on 1, for you against me
for I shall take the catwoman
and you shall, her rakhi

I love Rakhi Sawant because she can say it

To say it, is to be it. Shakespeare meant to say that, but a beggar boy nearby shut his mouth with his hands and said it first. What he meant by the statement (beggar boy, not shakespeare) was that your words reflect your personality (shakespeare probably meant something cornier). And so it is with Rakhi Sawant. She doesn't know it, but she means what she says. What, ever, she, says. Now she may think she's acting, or being cool, or being an innocent dolt, but in reality, she's only reflecting her personality. Apply this rule everytime you hear her say something, and you would feel her inner beauty pressing against your heart, and banging it to open up.

I love Rakhi Sawant because she loves cats

Cats are a girl's best friend, you heard that in school. Rakhi Sawant epitomises the feeling. She used to look like an average (more like median) girl next door with a fairly normal-sized head and matching hair. But she was different. She knew she was different, she felt it. It was hard to tell at first, but she figured it out. Rakhi Sawant loved cats. So much so, that one day, one fair humid day, she had her face modified by a local plastic seller to look it.

Why I Love Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, to put it bluntly, is an enigma. As much as we don't know about the behavioral peculiarities of a wet cat just through an electric shock of the magnitude that just about straightens the hair, so the cat looks lots like a cathouse; as much it is that we don't know about this lady, this beautiful bout of pasteurized flesh, Rakhi Sawant.

As unexplained as her attractive pulls are to me, I feel rather a large amount of doltness in my head when someone asks me why I like her so much and I don't have an answer that would turn them on so much they would feel it for Rakhi Sawant themselves. This blog is an attempt to do so. Here I try to explain to myself as well as the doltland, why o' why do I like, love, adore, whatever, Rakhi Sawant so much.


Here goes: