Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love Rakhi Sawant because she can say it

To say it, is to be it. Shakespeare meant to say that, but a beggar boy nearby shut his mouth with his hands and said it first. What he meant by the statement (beggar boy, not shakespeare) was that your words reflect your personality (shakespeare probably meant something cornier). And so it is with Rakhi Sawant. She doesn't know it, but she means what she says. What, ever, she, says. Now she may think she's acting, or being cool, or being an innocent dolt, but in reality, she's only reflecting her personality. Apply this rule everytime you hear her say something, and you would feel her inner beauty pressing against your heart, and banging it to open up.


  1. thats too naive of u to be thinking that way! il solve the 'enigma' for u.! Yes she is bold and open and outspoken and 'heart speaking'..but the only reason she is like that is she knows that she has a very limited fan bas(ppl like you) who like her for exactly that !!..so she would obviously speak like that to get the paparazzi and whatever attention she manages..Yes "she might be meaning what she says. What, ever, she, says" ..but that isnt because she WANTS to..but because she HAS to..this is just another attention seeking attempt..a little off-track at that..and nothing else..! Apply this rule everytime you hear her say something, and you would feel nothing pressing nowhere..! Sagar

  2. well i do feel something pressing somewhere
    and that's my heart
    and i love rakhi sawant
    and you're a dolt

  3. Are you trying to be the FIP of Pakhi Sawant's Swayamvar ?

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  5. @Anish
    i'm just innocently trying to get a wildcard entry into the show really