Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love Rakhi Sawant because she wants it bad

tamanna hai mujhe, ki main uchhlu
tamanna ke main naachu
main chadhun, main aur chadhun,
fir aur chadhun, aur fir aur, aur

that didn't come out so well, but the point is: she wants it bad!
Who have you ever seen who would put so much on the line for what she is after? Who so focussed on her goal, that she would stake her whole sense of self for it? She's a pioneer, the first of the many to come, who would live their lives on the tube, who would let us see them in the naked, in the all baring sense, as in of the soul. She's just groping and fighting and blindfolded, unknown to the age she is heralding.

She bares it, and doesn't regret. She hasn't a sense of guilt. She hasn't a care in the world and she doesn't even notice where its taking her, because her eyes are filled with what she wants. She wants attention. She wants to be, the item of the world. And she wants it bad. Go Rakhi.

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