Monday, July 6, 2009

I love Rakhi Sawant because she is taking a bet

Rakhi Sawant, the girl in the beautiful sari, is both a puppet and the pioneer. She is both completely fake and yet completely real. She is both the chooser and the chosen one, and she is both the examiner and the examinee.

This show, Rakhi ka Swayamvar, is not so much a test and selection of the contestants on the show, as much as it is of Rakhi herself. This show will decide a lot of the near future for the whole of Indian Television, and definitely just about the whole life of the girl to be married, which marriages are supposed to anyway.

Rakhi Sawant has taken a bet here, and the magnitude of that bet it is that compels us to watch that show, me to write this blog, and you to read it. What do you believe will be the end of the show? Will she really marry? Or will there be a genius gimmick at the end of the show that will satisfy everybody involved? Whatever the marital outcome, Rakhi Sawant and her life will be defined by the satisfaction of me, the television viewer. And that's some bet, I believe.

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